BENJAMIN's Top 10 Men’s Accessories Review

BENJAMIN's Top 10 Men’s Accessories Review

New year, new you, and it’s time for some new accessories!

They often say that the suit makes the man but what they really mean is that the accessories do.


Have you ever commented on how nice a wall looks or did you talk about the awesome art hanging on it? That’s how accessories work in fashion.

You can wear the finest suit or outfit but, unless someone is really in the know, the finer points of fabric and cost will be lost on them.

That being said, everyone notices a snazzy accessory or three. In this article, we’re going to tell you about our top 10 men’s accessories on sale at BENJAMIN right now.

These suggestions will not only help you," up" your fashion game but also help you assemble quality, stylish outfits throughout the year.

 Here are some of our favorites:


10. The Arthur Bag


This beautifully crafted leather bag is the must-have for businessmen and executives. It offers versatile style and usability that makes a key piece in any serious gent’s wardrobe.




9. The Daniel Belt in Black and Gold

A belt cinches together your entire suit or outfit. Don’t go quietly into that night. Choose The Daniel in black and gold and wow people during and after working hours.




8. The Charles Hat in Gray


When the weather is cold outside, you need something that keeps your head warm and you looking good at the same time. There’s nothing better than this functional and semi-casual hat lined with fleece for trapping in maximum warmth.




7. The Christopher Mink Brown Scarf


If you want to make a statement, there’s nothing louder than this brown mink scarf. Tasteful and yet sophisticated this scarf exudes class.





6. The Aqua Paisley Tie



There’s something to love about paisley’s maximalist approach and this number in aqua mint will be sure to make even the blandest outfit stand out.





5. Pearl Cufflinks


Understated and elegant to a degree that is hard to match, these pearl cufflinks are both an outfit highlight and a conversation starter.




4. The Iconic Link Watch in Silver and Gold


Boasting all of the classic styles of some of the finest Swiss watches without the expense. This watch is truly “iconic.”







3. The Forester Men’s Handmade Soap

No matter how nice your outfit and accessories are, they’re nothing if you’re not clean. We love this rugged yet excitingly fresh handmade soap that is sure to pamper your body - and give you a smell to remember.




2. The Wooden Father and Son Bowtie


Looking for something unique? Look no further. Whether or not you have a son, you’ll agree that this wooden bowtie is so unabashedly cool that you might just pick it up anyway.




1. Gift Cards

Unsure of what to buy for that guy in your life? Or do you want to give the gift of style to someone else? Or maybe someone is buying a gift for you? Then a gift card is probably the best accessory we can suggest. It’ll let you decide your destiny on The Benjamin Shop and allow someone to give you a gift you want and will remember.



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