A Note about our Furs

At BENJAMIN, we are strict on the quality of our raw materials.

We use strictly furs that are abundant in population, as well as those that come from the best fur auction houses and ranches.

Sustainability is also something we hold a lot of importance to as the state of our planet and one of nature’s oldest trades has given us the responsibility to do.

Therefore, with the purchase of every fur, we can ensure not only are you receiving the highest quality fur that the world has to offer, but that it is ethically, and responsibly sourced.

One question that’s often asked is where are our furs sourced from. Well, to break it down, we have two parts to this store. Custom/bespoke coats and ready-made coats.

Our custom fox fur coats and products are from various fox species and high-quality wild goods such as the red fox (European and North American) fur to the finest breeding foxes of the SAGA Furs and Kopenhagen Fur fur auction in Scandinavia or of Fur Harvesters in North America.

Mink fur items are made with quality Scandinavian mink skins. Canadian or American minks live in North America and Canada. If you decide to buy a product from Canadian minks, you can be sure to get a high-quality natural product from controlled hunting. 

We purchase the chinchilla skins from the world renowned Kopenhagen Fur auction in Denmark. Because of the hair density, chinchilla fur is one of the softest fur available. Discover the luxury and warmth of a handmade chinchilla fur coat or hat.

For our Rabbit furs, we use European rabbits, and we can guarantee that these rabbit skins come from an excellent and qualitative breed. We have very high demands on the quality of the rabbit skins we use for our fur products.

Discover the unparalleled luxury of our Russian sable fur products. Russian Sable is the fur of Russian czars, which is considered the finest furs in the world. Sable have silky soft fur that is a natural brown with silver tips. Our sable fur coats are made from full sable pelts or sable pieces.

We use exceptional quality Canadian coyote skins for our rustic style coyote fur coats. The coyote skins are from the well known Fur Harvesters auction house in Canada, and the coyotes have a gorgeous fur that's long, elegant and soft to the touch. Coyote fur is known for its natural color which includes blonde, white and black notes.

Our custom and bespoke furs which are all handcrafted by our master furriers are the perfect fashion accessory. The incredible quality and care we put into producing our fur products are undeniable.


Our ready-made fur coats are a mixture, depending on the coat or product.  They are sourced anywhere from Canada, North America, Russia, Denmark, Europe, Finland, and a few from China.