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BabyRX Baby Pillow

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It is also recommended by pediatricians that babies should sleep on their backs. However, statistically, about 20% of babies under 12 months are affected by a flat or lopsided head.  The BabyRX Pillow was designed for preventing Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly) to your newborn baby. This memory foam head-shaping pillow also provides the much need neck support that young babies need. 

This item's features include;

-Age:0-12 months

-High-quality memory foam designed for newborns by its ergonomic shape and inclination, to keep your baby's spine in the correct alignment

-Excellent pressure distribution and body adaptation: viscoelastic foam (memory foam) makes sure there is not too much pressure on the baby's head

-The pillow also provides relief for babies whose sensitive skin is easily irritated at pressure points.

-Less hair loss due to reduced friction on the hair at the back of the head

-Very practical, it can be used both in the cradle, bed, stroller, rocking

-Breathable fabric, that regulates temperature for maximum comfort.

-Size:26 cm x 22 cm x 3.5cm